Studio shoot: ShotScope Technologies

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  • 20th January 2016

We were back at Red Roof Studios last week for the studio component of a new film we’re working on for ShotScope Technologies and the launch of their latest golf product. Shooting in high-frame rate 4K, under the watchful eye of Gavin White, we captured a mix of footage for storyboarding out this film, as well as a series of shots for  their upcoming TV advertising campaign.


The studio shoot followed a day on the course in late November 2015. The mixture of a beautifully manicured course in East Lothian, some flawless golf from Keir, the golf Pro and getting the weather window just right meant we could get a bit creative with the shot list, not least getting the drone up for the top-down views of the green.

Looking at this footage it’s still hard to believe that this was shot in the middle of whatever was otherwise a fairly bleak November.