Javascript, Live coding and drones…

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  • 10th May 2013


Having seen our Edinburgh Startups video last year, Neo, a software design consultancy company in Edinburgh contacted us about covering the ScotlandJS 2013 conference they were hosting at Edinburgh’s SummerHall. We were tasked with recording all 18 talks from leading developers within the JS community as well as simultaneously capturing the slides, video streams and most importantly the live coding which was being projected on the big screens during these sessions.

With still very limited options on market for good frame grabbers we went with a 30fps frame grabber and video encoder from the Epiphan range which we imported direct from the US. With a guaranteed 30fps progressive capture rate for screen resolutions up to 1920×1080 it promised to be one of the only real options for us and it certainly proved it’s worth with os x, windows and ubuntu laptops all being used over the 3 days and more than a dozen different output screen resolutions. This looks to be a real solution for all our event recordings going forward and may, in some cases,  alleviate the requirement for gathering speakers slides ahead of conferences.