MakeWorks begins at Bespoke Atelier

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  • 15th April 2013

Arrived this morning at the Glue Factory, hidden up in the northern quarter of Glasgow’s West End to start shooting the first of the MakeWorks videos with Fi Scott and Vana Coleman. What a fantastic place to start! Huge screen printing tables and great to see how a process like this works. Good fun too to actually get going with this project and see Fi and Vana at work and introduce them to some techniques for shooting short films like this. We’ve been using the new 5D Mark III and the EOS Cinema camera for this shoot. If this visit is anything to go by I’m a bit gutted that we will only get to join them for a fraction of the 180 manufacturers that they’ll be visiting on this tour. Tomorrow we head off to NPI solutions across in Irvine for a larger manufacturer on the West coast of Scotland.

You can find out more about this tour at: