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The Making of a Whisky Film

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We were delighted to be asked back to Method Studio this autumn for the final part of the filming for the launch of the Loch Lomond 50 yr old inside their beautifully sculpted black wood case. Really this project started with just a series of boards which reflected back some of the key aspects and important threads which were inherit in the making of both the whisky and which were being woven into the design of the case. It’s always exciting to work on a project like this where the ideas for how we might convey the elements of the brief are fairly wide ranging, especially when those elements are quite so visual as fire, water and the beautiful landscapes that surround both the Loch Lomond distillery and Method workshops.

The brief for this film took us to both sides of Scotland, filming at the distillery on the banks of Loch Lomond (seeing the 50yr old in person) as well as capturing how the barrels are fired and prepared. We also had some late nights camping out on the shores of Loch Lomond to capture dusk footage of the water lapping on the shores and fairly epic times-lapses of the stars in the night sky. The wide landscapes and extreme close-ups really did work well together and we hope they built the intended sense of place and being, if not through the mood of a starlight furnace!

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The final hero sequence which you’ll see at the end of this film was filmed on-location, finishing in the early hours after 3-4hours of some painstaking measurements, while keeping miniature lights alive and a surprising number of stands, black glass and stretched backgrounds. Hopefully the final result does this product justice and we hope you enjoy this little film, we certainly enjoyed making it!

TV Ad: ShotScope

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Our ShotScope Technologies TV Advert will be running during the European Tour Golf 2017 on Sky Sports 4 through March. Great to work with the team at ShotScope again on this project, a mix of animated graphics, renders and live action footage.

Look forward to playing with this ourselves very soon! To find out more or buy your own ShotScope please visit



Macro filming with Hamilton and Inches

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It was a treat to get some privileged access working with Hamilton and Inches in the lead up to Valentines day on a new film the ‘Making of an Engagement Ring’. Opening with the selection and inspection of the diamond, we followed Master Jeweller Chay through the process of selecting the platinum band to shaping and creating the band and bezel, right through to setting the stone and the final polish. Finally the ring finds a home in the beautiful George Street showroom. It was the perfect opportunity to try out our new selection of macro lenses to really capture the fine detail and craftsmanship that goes into these rings. It’s always great to partner with brilliant companies who are literally only a stones throw from the studio. 



WATCH THE FILM: (running time: 2:20 minutes)

Studio shoot: ShotScope Technologies

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We were back at Red Roof Studios last week for the studio component of a new film we’re working on for ShotScope Technologies and the launch of their latest golf product. Shooting in high-frame rate 4K, under the watchful eye of Gavin White, we captured a mix of footage for storyboarding out this film, as well as a series of shots for  their upcoming TV advertising campaign.


The studio shoot followed a day on the course in late November 2015. The mixture of a beautifully manicured course in East Lothian, some flawless golf from Keir, the golf Pro and getting the weather window just right meant we could get a bit creative with the shot list, not least getting the drone up for the top-down views of the green.

Looking at this footage it’s still hard to believe that this was shot in the middle of whatever was otherwise a fairly bleak November.


Back on tour!

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It’s exciting to be back on our tour this week with Make Works in the first of a series of mini-tours right across Scotland. Focus of this tour was makers in the Scottish Borders. Great to be on the road again with Fi, aka Make Works Founder and it was everything that we love about Make Works, great makers, beautiful spaces, brilliant variety and we just love seeing whats out there and getting reminded that Scotland is pretty epic when it comes to making! 😉

Festival & Guardian Partnership

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In amongst our work this year with the Edinburgh International Festival was a partnership with the Guardian newspaper to produce a series of classical rehearsal performances for their national site. We teamed up with the EIF crew and bsound Ltd to produce 5 short films showcasing the top classical performances in rehearsal from this years festival programme. All films were directed by Stuart Armit and co-filmed and edited by our team. You can find the full collection of these short films at this link.


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